Power Electronics MCQ

Power Electronics MCQ

  • Sharad Jaiswal
  • 19th Jun, 2021

We have listed below the best Power Electronics MCQ Questions for your basic knowledge of Power Electronics. This Power Electronics MCQ Quiz contains 25+ Power Electronics Multiple Choice Questions. You have to select the right answer to every question to check your final preparation for Power Electronics Exams & Interviews.

Practice Best Power Electronics MCQ Questions

1) A silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) is a

  • A. Unijunction device
  • B.Device with three junction
  • C.Device with four junction
  • D.Both A & B

2) Duration of the pulse in a pulse triggering system for thyristors should be at minimum.

  • A. 10 μs
  • B.15 μs
  • C.10 ms
  • D.15 ms

3) Lascr stands for______

  • A. Light Activated Silicon Controlled Rectifier
  • B.Light Activated System Controlled Rectifier
  • C.Light Advanced System Controlled Rectifier
  • D.Light Activated System Common Rectifier

4) SCR can be termed as

  • A. AC switch
  • B.DC switch
  • C.Square-wave switch
  • D.None of these

5) Gate characteristic of a thyristor

  • A. Is of the type Vg = a + bIg
  • B.Is a curve between Vg and Ig
  • C.Is straight line passing through origin
  • D.Has a spread between two curves of Vg-Ig

6) LASCR is a

  • A. Thyristor
  • B.Rectifier
  • C.Diode
  • D.Both A & B

7) The triple frequency of a six-phase half wave rectifier for 220 v, 60 hz input will be______

  • A. 240 Hz
  • B.360 Hz
  • C.640 Hz
  • D.440 Hz

8) A triac is a______

  • A. A four-terminal device
  • B.Not a thyristor
  • C.Like a bidirectional SCR
  • D.None of the above

9) Which of the following statement is true about thyristor?

  • A. The turn-on time is less than the turn-off time
  • B.The turn off time of a thyristor is less than the turn-on time
  • C.The turn-off time for the line commutation
  • D.None of these

10) Which one of the following statement is true.

  • A. For SCRs to be in conduction state, forward anode current must be greater than the latching current
  • B.For SCRs to be in blocking state, forward anode current must be lower than the holding current
  • C.When avalanche break down takes place, SCRs enter into the conduction state
  • D.All of the above

11) Thyristor is basically used:

  • A. A set of SCRs
  • B.A set of SCR, diac and a triac
  • C.A combination of diac and triac
  • D.PNPN device

12) TRIACS cannot be used, In AC voltage regulator_______

  • A. R-L Load
  • B.Inductive load
  • C.Resistive load
  • D.Back emf load

13) Unipolar modulation is generally used in

  • A. AC - AC converters
  • B.DC - DC converters
  • C.AC - DC converters
  • D.DC - AC converters

14) The diac can be represented by

  • A. Two SCRs in parallel
  • B.Two diodes in parallel
  • C.Two diodes in anti-parallel
  • D.Two SCRs in anti-parallel

15) Resistor is used in Snubber circuit are:

  • A. Minimize the loss
  • B.Minimize the charging current
  • C.Minimize the discharging current
  • D.None of these

16) The normal way to turn on a SCR is by______

  • A. Anode current
  • B.Gate current
  • C.Breakover voltage
  • D.Both A & B

17) Chopper is a

  • A. DC transformer
  • B.High speed semiconductor switch
  • C.Time ratio controller
  • D.AC to DC converter

18) Diode is a

  • A. Linear Device
  • B.Nonlinear Device
  • C.Unipolar Device
  • D.Bilateral Device

19) The Three leads of a common transistor

  • A. Collector Base Emitter
  • B.Base Collector Case
  • C.Collector Base Omitter
  • D.Emitter Collector Base

20) CRO stand for

  • A. Capacitor Resistor Output
  • B.Cathode Ray Oscillator
  • C.Capacitor Resistor Oscilloscope
  • D.Cathode Ray Oscilloscope

21) The typical value of SCR for modern alternator______

  • A. 0.5
  • B.1.0
  • C.1.2
  • D.1.5

22) Diac has________ pn junctions.

  • A. 1
  • B.2
  • C.3
  • D.4

23) For an SCR, dv/dt protection is achieved through

  • A. RC across SCR
  • B.L across SCR
  • C.L in series with SCR
  • D.RL in series with SCR

24) Devices which performs DC-AC conversion:

  • A. Switch
  • B.Inverter
  • C.Chopper
  • D.Rectifier

25) Which one is most suitable power device for high frequency (>100 KHz) switching application?

  • A. BJT
  • B.Schottky diode
  • C.Power MOSFET
  • D.None of These

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