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Free MongoDB Quickstart course with Python (https://freemongodbcourse.com)

Submitted By: Pradeep  |  4 years ago   |  0 comments
  • intermediate
  • This is a small Quickstart course on the world's most popular NoSQL database MongoDB with Python Programming. In this course, you will learn about running MongoDB and Python. This course contains topics like Modeling data in document databases, Why to use NoSQL databases, Introduction to MongoEngine, etc.

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  • MongoEngine
  • NoSQL and MongoDB

Learn fundamentals of MongoDb by Shannon Bradshaw (https://university.mongodb.com)

Submitted By: Sharad Jaiswal  |  4 years ago   |  0 comments
  • beginner
  • This tutorial is completely free and provided by instructors of MongoDB University. In this course, you will learn about MongoDB Basics like installing MongoDB, using Compass MongoDB GUI, document model, and schema design in MongoDB, MongoDB query language. This 3 Weeks course contains pre-recorded video lectures and hands-on labs on MongoDB. Every chapter of this course requires approx 90 minutes to complete.

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  • MongoDB Basics
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