Working with expressions In Angular JS?

Working with expressions In Angular JS?

  • Sharad Jaiswal
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  • 01st Nov, 2019

Expressions in AngularJS are used to bind data to view from the controller's in a readable manner.

How to define Expressions in AngularJS?

  • AngularJS Expressions can be defined using double curly braces: {{ expression }}
  • Alternatively, AngularJS Expressions can be written using ng-bind="expression" directive.
  • AngularJS Expression is going to write the result.
  • AngularJS Expressions are more literal in use, supports variables and operators.

You can use an Expression in AngularJS for multiple requirements. You can use it to bind data to HTML Views and also you can pass Expressions into HTML attributes in order to serve some part of CSS elevation sometimes.

  • AngularJS Expressions contains literals, operators and variables.
  • AngularJS Expressions are to write in HTML tags.
  • AngularJS Expression should not support conditionals, loops, and exceptions.
  • AngularJS Expression supports data filtering also.
  • Filter in AngularJS application can be passed by using sign |.
    Example : {{ expression | lowercase }}

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