Software Engineering MCQ Questions

Software Engineering MCQ Questions

  • Sharad Jaiswal
  • 23rd Nov, 2021

We have listed here the best Software Engineering MCQ Questions for your basic knowledge of Software Engineering. This Software Engineering MCQ Test contains 40+ Software Engineering Multiple Choice Questions. You have to select the right answer to every question. for which, you can perform best in Software Engineering MCQ Exams, Interviews, and Placement drives.

Practice Best Software Engineering MCQ Questions.

1) The most important feature of spiral model is_________

  • A. requirement analysis
  • B.risk management
  • C.quality management
  • D.configuration management

2) Which of the following is a tool in design phase?

  • A. Refinement
  • B.Abstraction
  • C.Information hiding
  • D.All of above

3) The worst type of coupling is_________

  • A. Data coupling
  • B.Stamp coupling
  • C.Control coupling
  • D.Content coupling

4) Data structure suitable for an application discussed in?

  • A. Architectural design
  • B.Data design
  • C.Procedural design
  • D.Interface design

5) One of the fault base testing techniques is

  • A. Mutation testing
  • B.Stress testing
  • C.Unit testing
  • D.Beta testing

6) Efficiency in a software product does not include________

  • A. responsiveness
  • B.processing time
  • C.licensing
  • D.memory utilization

7) All the modules of the system are integrated and tested as complete system in the case of________

  • A. Bottom up testing
  • B.Top-down testing
  • C.Sandwich testing
  • D.Big-Bang testing

8) CMMi has an interactive lifecycle when compared to CMM.

  • A. True
  • B.False

9) RUP and PSP stands for_________

  • A. Realtime unified process and Project software process
  • B.Rational Unified Process and Project software process
  • C.Rational Unified Process and Personal software process
  • D.Realtime unified process and Personal software process

10) If every requirement can be checked by a cost-effective process

  • A. verifiable
  • B.traceable
  • C.modifiable
  • D.complete

11) In the spiral model ‘risk analysis’ is performed

  • A. before using spiral model
  • B.In the first loop
  • C.In the first and second loop
  • D.In every loop

12) The desired level of coupling is

  • A. Control coupling
  • B.Common coupling
  • C.Data coupling
  • D.No coupling

13) The feature of the object-oriented paradigm which helps code reuse is

  • A. class
  • B.object
  • C.inheritance
  • D.aggregation

14) Output comparators are used in

  • A. static testing of single module
  • B.static testing of single and multiple module
  • C.dynamic testing of single module
  • D.dynamic testing of single and multiple module

15) A COCOMO model is________

  • A. Constructive Cost Estimation Model
  • B.Common Cost Estimation Model
  • C.Complete Cost Estimation Model
  • D.Comprehensive Cost Estimation Model

16) SRS is also known as specification of________

  • A. White box testing
  • B.Integrated testing
  • C.Black box testing
  • D.Stress testing

17) IEEE 830-1993 is a IEEE recommended standard for________

  • A. Software requirement specification
  • B.Software design
  • C.Testing
  • D.Both (A) and (B

18) Quicken and TurboTax are both personal financial products developed by

  • A. Microsoft
  • B.Adobe
  • C.Corel
  • D.Intuit

19) Which of the following is a project scheduling method that can be applied to software development?

  • A. CPM
  • B.PERT
  • C.CMM
  • D.Both PERT and CPM

20) If the objects focus on the problem domain, then we are concerned with

  • A. Object Oriented Design
  • B.Object Oriented Analysis & Design
  • C.Object Oriented Analysis
  • D.None of the above

21) FAST stands for_______

  • A. Fast Application Specification Technique
  • B.Functional Application Specification Technique
  • C.Facilitated Application Specification Technique
  • D.None of the above

22) Software consists of

  • A. Programs + documentation + operating procedures
  • B.Programs + hardware manuals
  • C.Set of instructions + operating procedures
  • D.Programs + hardware manuals

23) White-box testing can be started:

  • A. After SRS creation
  • B.After installation
  • C.After designing
  • D.After programming

24) Beta Testing is done at ________

  • A. User’s end
  • B.Developer’s end
  • C.User’s & Developer’s end
  • D.None of the above

25) Unit testing is done by _______

  • A. Users
  • B.Developers
  • C.Customers
  • D.None of the above

26) Which one of the following is not an evolutionary process model ?

  • A. WINWIN Spiral Model
  • B.Incremental Model
  • C.Concurrent Development Model
  • D.All of the Above

27) Spiral model was originally proposed by _________

  • A. Tim cook
  • B.Barry Boehm
  • C.Pressman
  • D.Jon brain

28) In the spiral model risk analysis is performed _________

  • A. In every loop
  • B.In First Loop
  • C.Before Spiral model
  • D.In testing

29) What are attributes of good software?

  • A. Functionality
  • B.Maintainability
  • C.Development
  • D.Both A & B

30) What is a software ?

  • A. Set of programs
  • B.Set of documentation
  • C.Set of configuration
  • D.all of the above

31) SDLC stands for _______

  • A. System Design Life Cycle
  • B.Software Design Life Cycle
  • C.Software Development Life cycle
  • D.System Development Life cycle

32) Lehman has given laws for software evolution and he divided the software into ________ different categories.

  • A. 2
  • B.3
  • C.5
  • D.6

33) White box techniques are also classified as

  • A. Error guessing technique
  • B.Design based testing
  • C.Structural testing
  • D.None of the mentioned

34) Selection of a model is based on

  • A. Users
  • B.Development team
  • C.Requirements
  • D.All of the mentioned

35) The data dictionary contains descriptions of each software

  • A. Control item
  • B.Data object
  • C.Diagram
  • D.Both a and b

36) Which one of the following models is not suitable for accommodating any change?

  • A. RAD Model
  • B.Waterfall Model
  • C.Build & Fix Model
  • D.Prototyping Model

37) In size oriented metrics metrics are developed based on the..............

  • A. Number of Functions
  • B.Number of user inputs
  • C.Number of lines of code
  • D.amount of memory usage

38) Infrastructure software are covered under ................

  • A. Generic Products
  • B.Customised Products
  • C.Generic and Customised Products
  • D.None of the above

39) Which one of the following is not desired in a good software requirement specification document?

  • A. Goals of Implementation
  • B.Functional Requirements
  • C.Non-Functional Requirements
  • D.Algorithms for Software Implementation

40) Software engineers should not use their technical skills to misuse other people’s computers. The term misuse refers to ........

  • A. Unauthorized access to computer material
  • B.Dissemination of viruses or other malware
  • C.Unauthorized modification of computer material
  • D.All of the above

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