Servlet interview questions For Freshers & Experienced

  • Sharad Jaiswal
  • 25th Dec, 2019

Servlet interview questions
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25th Dec, 2019

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What are Servlets?

Servlets are mini Java programs, which moves through web servers. It responds and receives requests from web consumers, generally across the HTTP. A servlet is utilized to execute web applications. Servlets are operated in servlet containers, and Tomcat is one of the finest open-sourced servlet containers available in the market. Also, to create a dynamic page, you will essentially need a servlet.

Servlets being APIs offer many classes and interfaces, that are required to create web applications. It runs as an arbitrator between the server and the clients. It can react and get the demands of the client. The servlet’s reaction and demand object aids in dealing with the HTTP queries and effectively sends back content information to the clients.

Servlet interview questions

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