Mysql Interview Questions For Freshers & Experienced

  • Sharad Jaiswal
  • 28th Dec, 2019

Mysql Interview Questions
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28th Dec, 2019

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What is MySQL?

MySQL is one of the most famous database management systems from SQL that is completely open-source. It is distributed, supported and developed by the Oracle Corporation. MySQL stands for My Structured Query Language that is utilized to access databases. You can imply SQL directly to generate a report, can use an API based on the language that makes the SQL syntax invisible, or can embed SQL statements into a code executed in another language.

MySQL is set by the ANSI/ISO standard for SQL. The database server of MySQL is extremely reliable, fast, easy to use and scalable. It can work in any programming environment depending on the server or client embedded system.

Key Features of Mysql

Below are few major features of Mysql

Relational Database System

Client/Server Architecture

SQL compatibility

Free to download

Easily Scalable

High Performance

Compatibale with most of OS.

Allows transactions

Secure and Highly Flexible

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