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Practice best MS-DOS MCQ Questions, which are very popular & asked various times. This Disk Operating System MCQ Test contains the best 35+ MS-DOS MCQ with Answer, which covers the important topics of Disk Operating System. for which, you can perform best in DOS MCQ Exams, Interviews, and Placement activities.

Practice MS Dos MCQ with Answers

1) Who is the father of MS Dos?

  • A. Dennis Ritchie
  • B.Tim Paterson
  • C.Gary Kildall
  • D.None of these

2) MS-DOS developed in

  • A. 1985
  • B.1983
  • C.1984
  • D.1982

3) MS Dos stand for:

  • A. Microsoft Data Operating System
  • B.Microsoft Disk Operating System
  • C.Microsoft Data Operating Structure
  • D.None of these

4) Which of the following command divides the surface of the bank disk into sectors and assign a unique address to each one?

  • A. Chkdsk
  • B.Fat
  • C.Format
  • D.Ver

5) In MS-DOS 6.22, which part identify the product uniquely?

  • A. MS-DOS
  • B.MS
  • C.DOS
  • D.6.22

6) If you don't know current time, which command will you use to display?

  • A. Time
  • B.Format
  • C.Ver
  • D.Copy

7) In which year the first operating system was developed?

  • A. 1945
  • B.1940
  • C.1950
  • D.1930

8) Which of the following command is used to backup in DOS 6+ Version?

  • D.All of the above

9) Copy and Xcopy are same in the sense

  • A. Both are external command of DOS
  • B.Both are internal command of DOS
  • C.Both can be used to copy file or group of files
  • D.Both a & b

10) Which of the following command is used to clear the screen?

  • A. Clscreen
  • B.Clear
  • C.Cls
  • D.None of these

11) Identify the internal command in Dos?

  • A. Time, type, dir
  • B.Del, disk copy, label
  • C.Cls, rd label
  • D.Dir, ren, sys

12) Which of the following key can be pressed quit without saving in DOS?

  • A. Ctrl + D
  • B.Ctrl + C
  • C.Ctrl + A
  • D.Ctrl + B

13) What is the maximum length in Dos commands?

  • A. 8 chars
  • B.127 chars
  • C.180 chars
  • D.100 chars

14) Identify the external command DOS?

  • A. Copy, edit, sys, format
  • B.Sys, ver, vol
  • C.Chkdsk, prompt, date
  • D.Edit, sys, chkdsk

15) While working with Ms-Dos which command transfers a specific file from one disk to another?

  • A. Copy
  • B.Rename
  • C.Time
  • D.Diskcopy

16) If you need to duplicate the entire disk, which command will you use?

  • A. Format
  • B.Copy
  • C.Chkdsk
  • D.Diskcopy

17) Each time you turn on your computer, it will check on the control file

  • A., io.sys, msdos.sys
  •, io.sys
  • C.Chkdsk.exe

18) Which of the following extensions suggest that the file is a backup copy?

  • A. Bak
  • B.Bas
  • C.Txt
  • D.Com

19) Which of the following command displays comma for thousand separating on file size while listing?

  • A. Dir/b
  • B.Dir/w
  • C.Dir/c
  • D.Dir/s

20) Which of the following command lists the contents of current directory of a disk?

  • A. Dir
  • B.Tree
  • C.Copy
  • D.Cd

21) Which of the following command is used to delete the directory that is empty?

  • A. Erase
  • B.RD
  • C.Del *.*
  • D.MD

22) Which command is used to see the disk volume label?

  • A. Volume
  • B.Ver
  • C.Vol
  • D.Version

23) Select the correct switch that is used to make sure that the copy command copied files correctly?

  • A. /s
  • B./c
  • C./a
  • D./v

24) What will be the output of the command prompt $l$p$g?

  • A. C:<:\>
  • B.<:c:\>
  • C.C:\>>
  • D.C:\>

25) ………. runs on computer hardware and serve as platform for other software to run.

  • A. System software
  • B.Application software
  • C.Operating system
  • D.None of these

26) External command in dos are...........

  • A. Sys, ver, vol
  • B.Edit, sys, chkdsk
  • C.Chkdsk, prompt, date
  • D.Copy, edit, sys, format

27) In MS DOS DIR command is used to.........

  • A. Display a list of files in a directory
  • B.Display contents of files in directory
  • C.Display type of files in a sub directory
  • D.None of the above

28) MS DOS is an example of.......

  • A. Hardware
  • B.Operating system
  • C.Word Processing software
  • D.All of the Above

29) Which command is used to see the contents of a file?

  • A. Ed
  • B.Copy
  • C.Type
  • D.None of the above

30) Which command is used to copy the file my file document from floppy disk to hard disk?

  • A. Copy a: c:myfile
  • B.Copy c:myfile.doc a:
  • C.Copy a:myfile.doc c:
  • D.All of the Above

31) Which command is used to get the current date only?

  • A. Date
  • B.Time
  • C.Second
  • D.All of the Above

32) MS DOS operating system is a...........

  • A. Graphical user interface, multi-tasking operating system
  • B.Graphical user interface, single-tasking operating system
  • C.Command-driven interface, multi-tasking operating system
  • D.Command-driven interface, single-tasking operating system

33) Which command is used to copy the hidden system files of dos to another disk?

  • A. Sys
  • B.Ren
  • C.Copy
  • D.Disk copy

34) Maximum length of dos command using any optional parameter is..........

  • A. 26 characters
  • B.87 characters
  • C.127 characters
  • D.None of above

35) Which dos command will format a floppy disk and transfer the system?

  • A. SYS A:
  • B.SYS C: A:
  • C.FORMAT A: /T
  • D.FORMAT A: /S

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