Java Swings Interview Questions For Freshers & Experienced

  • Sharad Jaiswal
  • 25th Dec, 2019

Java Swings Interview Questions
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25th Dec, 2019

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What is Java Swings?

Java Swings is Java's GUI widget toolkit. It is an API, that offers GUI for Java functions. It was designed to offer a more advanced state of GUI components rather than the previous AWT or abstract window toolkit. Swing offers feel and look that initiate the feel and look of many platforms. It also allows a pluggable look that permits applications to yield a feel and look separate to the fundamental platform. Along with the known components like labels, checkboxes, swings, and buttons, there are several advanced components too like scroll panes, lists, tables, trees, and tabbed panels.

Swing components unlike the AWT components are disregarded or executed by platform-specific code but are communicated via Java programming language, thus making it platform-independent.

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