HTML Interview Questions For Freshers & Experienced

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  • 28th Dec, 2019

HTML Interview Questions
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28th Dec, 2019

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What is HTML?

HTML or Hypertext Mark-up Language happens to be the excellent and quality mark-up language for document creation to be portrayed in a web browser. It can be aided by technologies like CSS or Cascading style sheets and scripting languages like JavaScript. It can implant programs designed in JavaScript, that influences the content and behaviour of the websites.

Web browsers gain HTML documents from local storage or web servers and supplies the documents into the multimedia website pages. It explains the formation of the web pages semantically and authentically incorporates signals for the aspects of the documents. It offers means to make structured documents by indicating structural semantics for words like paragraphs, lists, links, headings, quotes and other elements. Browsers do not exhibit the HTML tags while utilizing it to translate the page's contents.

Key Features of Html

Below are few major features of Html

Easy to learn

Platform independent

Case Insensitive

Document type declaration

Rich Tags

Easy naming conventions

Looser content Model

Controls the font and Layout

Preformatted Text

HTML Interview Questions

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