Geology Physics MCQ

Geology Physics MCQ

  • Sharad Jaiswal
  • 12th Feb, 2021

We have listed here the best Geology Physics MCQ Questions for your basic knowledge of Geology Physics. This Geology Physics Test contains 25 multiple Choice Questions. You have to select the right answer to every question.

Geology Physics MCQ Questions

1) The ___________ forms the relatively cool, brittle plates of plate tectonics.

  • A. Astrosphere
  • B.Lithosphere
  • C.Asthenosphere
  • D.None of these

2) ------------------rocks form by crystallization and consolidation of molten magma.

  • A. Igneous
  • B.Sedimentary
  • C.Primary
  • D.Indigenous

3) In correct order from the center outward, Earth includes which units?

  • A. Inner core, outer core, mantle, crust
  • B.Inner core, crust, mantle, hydrosphere
  • C.Core, inner mantle, outer mantle, crust
  • D.None of these

4) Identify the thinnest layer of the Earth?

  • A. Outer core
  • B.Crust
  • C.Mantle
  • D.None of these

5) Which of the following mineral is composed of silicon dioxide (SiO2)?

  • A. Diamond
  • B.Calcite
  • C.Olivine
  • D.Quartz

6) Which of the following two elements contain in all silicate minerals?

  • A. Oxygen, carbon
  • B.Silicon, sodium
  • C.Silicon, oxygen
  • D.Iron, silicon

7) Identify the type of chemical bonding in which electrons are shared between adjacent atoms?

  • A. Isotopic
  • B.Subatomic
  • C.Covalent
  • D.Ionic

8) Exfoliation is the form of

  • A. Chemical Weathering
  • B.Biochemical Weathering
  • C.Physical Weathering
  • D.None of these

9) Palaeontology is the study of

  • A. Fossils
  • B.Study of rocks
  • C.Geological features of earth
  • D.None of these

10) What is the radial extent of core of earth?

  • A. 3486 kms
  • B.2999 kms
  • C.4113 kms
  • D.2886 kms

11) Identify the rocks which contributes the highest amount of radioactive heat in the earth's crust?

  • A. Granite
  • B.Dunite
  • C.Gabbra
  • D.Basalt

12) The decent of oceanic lithosphere into mantle is known as

  • A. Subduction
  • B.Constraction fault
  • C.Accretion
  • D.None of these

13) The process by which an originally homogeneous earth developed a dense core and a light crust is called:

  • A. Differentiation
  • B.Compression
  • C.Accretion
  • D.Metamorphism

14) Which isn't chemical or organic sedimentary rocks?

  • A. Sandstone
  • B.Limestone
  • C.Rocksalt
  • D.Gypsum

15) Which of the following isn't a type of sandstone?

  • A. Travertine
  • B.Quartz sandstone
  • C.Graywacke
  • D.Arkose

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