General Physics MCQ

General Physics MCQ

  • Sharad Jaiswal
  • 22nd Dec, 2021

We have listed here the best General Physics MCQ Questions for your basic knowledge of General Physics. This General Physics Test contains 25 multiple Choice Questions. You have to select the right answer to every question.

General Physics MCQ Questions

1) What is the use of Cresco graph?

  • A. To measure the growth of plants
  • B.To measure the growth of human
  • C.To measure the growth of animals
  • D.To measure the growth of population

2) What the use of Bean fort scale?

  • A. To measure the scale of wind velocity
  • B.To measure the scale of wind velocity
  • C.To measure the scale of wind velocity
  • D.None of these

3) Ohm is a unit of measuring _________?

  • A. Resistance
  • B.Current
  • C.Voltage
  • D.Resistance

4) Who developed the theory of relativity?

  • A. Isaac Newton
  • B.Galileo Galilei
  • C.Albert Einstein
  • D.Archimedes

5) Identify the range of Strong Nuclear force?

  • A. Very short Subnuclear size
  • B.Very short Nuclear size
  • C.Infinite
  • D.None of these

6) The S.I unit of latent heat is Joule/kg.

  • A. True
  • B.False

7) Identify the true information for an object to be in equilibrium?

  • A. No rotational motion of the object
  • B.No linear motion of the object
  • C.Minimum potential energy of the object
  • D.All of the above

8) Angle of friction is _______.

  • A. is greater than the angle of repose
  • less than the angle of repose
  • C.equal to angle of repose
  • D.equal to twice the angle of repose

9) What is the dot product of two perpendicular vectors?

  • A. 0
  • B.1
  • C.1/2
  • D.2

10) When one body is actually moving over the surface of other body, the friction is known as

  • A. Kinetic friction
  • B.Limiting friction
  • C.Static friction
  • D.None of these

11) What is the property of Young's modulus?

  • A. Solid only
  • B.Gas only
  • C.Liquid only
  • D.Both Solid and Liquid

12) Product of Force and Velocity is called

  • A. Momentum
  • B.Energy
  • C.Work
  • D.Power

13) Identify the highest value of specific heat ?

  • A. Kerosene
  • B.Methane
  • C.Water
  • D.Alcohol

14) What is the unit of Astronomical Distance?

  • A. Light year
  • B.Weber
  • C.Lux
  • D.Angstrom

15) Which of the following isn't a vector quantity?

  • A. speed
  • B.torque
  • C.displacement
  • D.velocity

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