Critical Reasoning MCQ

Critical Reasoning MCQ

  • Sharad Jaiswal
  • 12th Feb, 2021

We have listed below the Best Critical Reasoning  MCQ Questions for your basic knowledge of Critical Reasoning  Quiz. This Critical Reasoning Test contains 20 multiple Choice Questions. You have to select the right answer to every question.

Critical Reasoning MCQ

1) Many business offices are located in buildings having 2-8 floors. If a building has more than 3 floors, it has a lift. If the above statements are true, which of the following must be true?

  • A. Only floors above the 3rd floors have lifts
  • B.7th floors have lifts
  • C.2nd floors do not have lifts
  • D.All floors may be reached by lifts

2) Mohan travelled 5 km. in the West, then he turned to the left & went 3 km. Then he turned to the left & went 3 km. Then he turned to the right & travelled 9 km. Then he went 3 km. towards the North. How far is he from the starting point?

  • A. 14 km.
  • B.3 km
  • C.6 km.
  • D.5 km

3) Read the above passage, answer the below question. Which of the following is a possible reason that made the ministry to suggest yoga training for the army personnel?

  • A. A
  • B.B
  • C.C
  • D.D

4) If the 5th date of month comes after 2 days from Tuesday, then which would be the day on the day before 19th of that month?

  • A. Monday
  • B.Thursday
  • C.Wednesday
  • D.Sunday

5) The chairman entered in the Assembly Hall at 10 min. before 12.30 hours to conduct the interview. The chairman was 20 min. earlier than the managing director. The chairman was 30 min. late as per the time fixed. What was the time fixed for interview?

  • A. 12:00
  • B.12:10
  • C.12:40
  • D.12:50

6) Ashok started from his home to the bus stop before 15 min. then the time. He takes 10 min. to reach to the bus stop. He reached bus stop at 8.40 hours. Generally at what time he stats for the bus stop?

  • A. 8:55
  • B.8:40
  • C.8:45
  • D.8:35

7) What is the code for ‘idea’?

  • A. bu

8) What is denoted by ‘zo’?

  • A. displayed
  • C.there
  • D.Cannot be determined.

9) Which of the following is an inference which can be made from the facts stated in the above paragraph?

  • A. The cotton industry grew tremendously post-September 2008.
  • B.The yarn manufacturers have marginally suffered during post September 2008 period.
  • C.India was the largest cotton producer earlier.
  • D.Cotton production will surely grow in upcoming years.

10) Which of the following is correct ?

  • A. P is to the immediate right of Q
  • B.R is between U and V
  • C.Q is to the immediate left of W
  • D.U is between W and S

11) What is the position of S ?

  • A. Data inadequate.
  • B.Between U and V
  • C.Second to the right of P
  • D.To the immediate right of W

12) If it was Friday on 3rd date of a month, then which day would come on the 4th day after 21st date of that month?

  • A. Thursday
  • B.Tuesday
  • C.Monday
  • D.Sunday

13) The cause of corruption in medical education is shortage of seats, and fewer doctors than required for the population and even fewer specialists. Which of the following can be inferred from the above?

  • A. Students pay bribes to the management of institutions to avail seats.
  • B.The criteria to select students to fill medical seats are flexible.
  • C.There is a set standard regarding the doctors to population ratio.
  • D.Most of the doctors are general physicians.

14) Read the above passage, answer the below question. Which of the statements A, B, C, D, and E mentioned above would represent an assumption implicit in the given paragraph or an inference which can be drawn from it?

  • A. Only C
  • B.Only E
  • C.Only B and D
  • D.Only A

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