CherryPy Interview Questions For Freshers & Experienced

  • Sharad Jaiswal
  • 28th Dec, 2019

CherryPy Interview Questions
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28th Dec, 2019

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What is CherryPy?

CherryPy develops web applications in a way similar to any other python program that is object-oriented. This helps in the programming of source codes that are smaller in size and can be developed in much less time. CherryPy is one of the stable, reliable and fast minimalist web frameworks in Python. CherryPy can run different HTTP servers at multiple ports all at once.

It is a powerful, flexible plugin configuration system with various inbuilt tools. CheeryPy assists in encoding, authentication, caching, static content creation and many more functions. It also provides inbuilt coverage, profiling, and support for testing.

Key Features of Cherrypy

Below are few major features of Cherrypy

HTTP/1.1-compliant Server

Swappable and customizable

Flexible plugin system

Run multiple HTTP servers

Built-in profiling

Built-in support for caching

InBuilt authentication

BSD License

Object Oriented

CherryPy Interview Questions

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