Google’s latest AI project may aid wildlife conservation

Google’s latest AI project may aid wildlife conservation

  • Sharad Jaiswal
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • 05th Jan, 2020

Biologists and conservationists across the world have got their hard drives stuffed with millions of camera trap photos and it’s a time-consuming process to go through all the images. Google has, therefore, announced a new program in partnership with several conservation organizations that simplifies the process by making use of artificial intelligence.

With the launch of Wildlife Insights, an online portal with more than 4.5 million photos dating back to 1990, anyone can access the photos and pinpoint the location of wildlife from anywhere. The site also gives the opportunity for collaborators to drop their own camera trap images in order to map wildlife across the globe and grow the database.

One of the major benefits of Wildlife Insights is the machine learning aspect that helps to analyze 3.6m photos in an hour which saves a lot of time of researchers.

Jorge Ahumada, executive director of Wildlife Insights from Conservation International said: “All they have to do now is upload a set of images and let the Google-created artificial intelligence system do the rest, including flag blank images that sometimes make up most of the camera trap data.

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