Backbone js Interview Questions For Freshers & Experienced

  • Sharad Jaiswal
  • 31st Dec, 2019

In the past few years, the single page ecosystem is buzzing in the IT industry. There are various frameworks that have designed till now, but to decide which you should use is still a confusing job. The only solution is first read all about frameworks and then decide which will best suit your demands. Here, we giving you a brief introduction about the backbone.js.

If you want to know more about Backbone.js, then check our Backbone JS interview questions. We have collected the best questions for you that will help you in learning more about Backbone.js.

Backbone js Interview Questions
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What is Backbone Js?

Backbone is the JavaScript library whose demand is growing because of the structure it provides to the web applications. It has amazing features that attract the developers such as rich API of enumerable functions, models with key-value binding and custom events, declarative event handling and many more. The utmost service of Backbone is that it doesn't mix up business logic with your user interface i.e., it helps you to keep your business separate from your user interface. Because it is very hard to implement the change when these two are entangled.

Key Features of Backbone Js

Below are few major features of Backbone Js

Easily Extensible

Easy to setup

Easy Event Handling

Fast Performance

MIT Licence

Written in JavaScript

Models Views Collections Events

noConflict with other libraries

Sync with server

Backbone js Interview Questions

Backbone VS Angular Which is better?



It is built for the small projects

It is built for large projects

For small data sets, Backbone performs quite good than the Angular

Its performance for small data sets is not quite good as Backbone.

It uses MVP architectures

It uses the MVC architecture

It doesn’t provide any data binding source

It provides a data binding source

It is very simple

It is very complex as compared to the Backbone

It requires less space than the Angular

It requires more space than the Backbone

It doesn’t support validation

It includes a built-in validation.

Backbone has a smaller community compared to Angular

It has a larger community than backbone.js

Why choose Backbone.js?

Lightweight: The main advantage of the backbone is that it is very lightweight. In case you possess a brown-field app or a legacy and you want to clean up the messy jQuery code then Backbone is perfect for you. If you are the beginner and you haven't still decided about which framework you should adopt then you should select Backbone without any hesitation. It is very small and hence lightweight. It is more like a library rather than a framework. It is very helpful in the clean things up, refactor old code, get some more modularity around the things you're doing.

Maintainability by following conventions: If you are tired of doing so much coding then Backbone is far good for you because it provides a common coding style. At, it is clearly seen that Backbone.js is especially helpful to manage the clean code base in spite of having a lot of people co-operating on the code. The conclusion here is that the more you hold with the Backbone.js the less you have to go through the coding. Moreover, these codes are more standardized and readable.

Event-driven communication: One of the major advantages of Backbone.js is that it supports event-driven communication. Although it is quite easy to build a simple and small app on jQuery. But when the project grows it is quite tough to handle it. Its callbacks and declaration become very complicated and spread all over the place. As a result, codes become difficult to read and confusing. Backbone.js makes it ease with the help of an event-driven communication between models and views. As the Backbone events build on the top of the regular DOM events it makes the mechanism more extendible and flexible.

Performance Control: Another astonishing feature of the Backbone.js is its performance. It gives you a lot more control over the performance in comparison with the other framework especially in the case of mobile. So, if you are comfortable in the JavaScript and you are worried about the performance obstacle which may arise as the result of the framework's two-way data binding then Backbone is what you need.

Cons of Backbone JS

Large projects: Backbone.js is the best fit for small projects, but upon large projects, it is better to choose other projects.

Two-way binding: Unlike Angular.js, the backbone doesn't support two-way data winding. Here, you can use data binding plugins or you have to link the views and models with the lengthy codes.

Community: Backbone doesn't have a large community like the other famous frameworks. It is far behind them. Also, its documentation is not as good as others.

Templates: In backbone.js, one should have to choose the template by own self. This is good for those who have a good knowledge of template engines. But it is quite difficult to make a choice for the users who don't know a bit about them.

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