Ajax MCQ

Ajax MCQ

  • Sharad Jaiswal
  • 22nd Nov, 2021

We have listed here the best Ajax MCQ Questions for your basic knowledge of Ajax. This Ajax MCQ Test contains 20+ Ajax Multiple Choice Questions. You have to select the right answer to every question.

Ajax MCQ Questions and Answers

1) What are the characteristics of Ajax?

  • A. Declarative instantiation of client components
  • B.Live data binding
  • C.Client-side template rendering
  • D.All of the above

2) What is the full form of AJAX?

  • A. Asynchronous JavaScript and XML
  • B.Asynchronous JavaScript amount XML
  • C.None of these

3) What is AJAX?

  • A. is a football club name
  • B.is a country name
  • C.is a program
  • D.All of the above.

4) what is the ajax?

  • A. ajax
  • B.part code
  • C.lavel
  • D.opensource

5) AJAX based on ______ •

  • A. JavaScript and HTTP requests
  • B.JavaScript and XML
  • C.VBScript and XML
  • D.JavaScript and Java

6) What are the merits of Ajax?

  • A. More interactive
  • B.Speeder retrieval of data
  • C.Bandwidth utilization
  • D.All of these

7) Which of the following sever support AJAX ?

  • A. WWW
  • B.SMTP
  • C.HTTP
  • D.None of these

8) ________ of the following technologies, which one provides the ability to dynamically interact with Web page layout?

  • A. Document Object Model
  • B.JavaScript.
  • C.HTML.
  • D.XML.

9) Which of the following makes Ajax unique?

  • A. It uses C++ as its programming language.
  • B.It works as a stand-alone Web-development tool.
  • C.It works the same with all Web browsers.
  • D.It makes data requests asynchronously.

10) Which interface you will use wrap an AJAX client control into a custom server control?

  • A. IScriptControl
  • B.IScriptAJAX
  • C.IScriptManager
  • D.None of these

11) What is the first step in creating a Joke of the Day application?

  • A. Write the application's HTML.
  • B.Create the application's text file.
  • C.Turn the HTML application into an Ajax application.
  • D.Upload the application to a Web server

12) Regarding the XMLHttpRequest Object, does the order in which one calls the "open" method and assign a function to the "onreadystatechange" event handler matter?

  • A. Yes
  • B.No

13) AJAX comes in _____.

  • A. 2003
  • B.2006
  • C.2004
  • D.2005

14) _____ JavaScript is also called client-side JavaScript.

  • A. Native
  • B.Microsoft
  • C.LiveWire
  • D.Navigator

15) Can we use nested update panel in Ajax?

  • A. Yes
  • B.No

16) AJAX made popular by

  • A. IBM
  • B.Microsoft
  • C.Google
  • D.Sun Microsystem

17) XMLHttpRequest object supports a method called "quit".

  • A. True
  • B.False

18) Which methods are used to send a request to a server?

  • A. open() and send()
  • B.open() and close()
  • C.send() and back()
  • D.None of the above

19) AJAX allows web page to dynamically

  • A. Control other pages
  • B.Change content
  • C.Reload at times
  • D.Connect to other addresses

20) What makes Ajax unique?

  • A. It works as a stand-alone Web-development tool.
  • B.It uses C++ as its programming language.
  • C.It works the same with all Web browsers.
  • D.It makes data requests asynchronously.

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